My Method


‘The Voice’ is very clever and knows where it wants to go. If you force it somewhere it does not want to go, this will affect the sound you make and your ease of singing. If you however give it the tools to travel it will surprise you, I assure you!

I teach a very clear technique. The fundamental principle is the disentanglement of the jaw, larynx and tongue which leads to a freer, natural sound devoid of muscular involvement.  Disentanglement allows the flow of air to produce a sound of maximum power, beauty and ease.  Adopting this technique empowers the singer so that they reach a higher level of autonomy in the implementation of their singing practice and vocal expression.
My approach is based on a positive process rather than stressing the negatives. Many singers find themselves hampered by long-ingrained habits that once were of service but never addressed the ultimate aim of a totally free vocal mechanism.  These need to be unlearned, definitely, but rather than just stripping them away, I work closely with the student and his or her natural instincts to instill new habits which supersede the old.

My method

Together we aim to achieve the following:

  • Knowledge and understanding of one’s instrument and how it functions.
  • Development of a personal reliable technique upon which the singer can depend and which leads them to be able to work independently from the teacher.
  • Application of these vocal fundamentals to a variety of musical styles.
  • Establishment an ethos of professionalism in preparation of repertoire and work practices.


I can help with a wide variety of vocal problems or help healthy voices reach their true potential. Unleashing a voice by allowing the body to do the work can make a seemingly small instrument develop into a much rounder, earthier voice with a myriad of overtones. The guarantee is that at least YOUR voice will emerge rather than a manufactured production.

My first consultation is always free of charge. I have different rates for established professionals, emerging young singers, students and beginners ( please see Rates and Lessons)

The Singing Works

Antwerpen, Belgium

Catrin Wyn-Davies
gsm: +32 (0) 498 97 39 61


Peter Benoitstraat 11A, 2018 Antwerpen

By car:  Close to exits from E19, E34, E17

By train:  Antwerpen Berchem or Centraal

By tram Numer 7 at Mechelsesteenweg or Number 15 via Harmonie