I have a lot of experience in a wide variety of repertoire ( please see Professional Biography) ranging from lots of Handel, Monteverdi and Mozart through to Verdi, Puccini and Tchaikowsky. I also coach concert repertoire and help prepare lieder/song recitals.

Let it be clear that if you come to me purely for coaching, I do not get in the way of your own teachers’ technique. I know that this can be an awkward situation, but the coaching is purely to make your performance the best it can be.

My strength lies in style and helping singers attain a true legato line through the work they are preparing.

Delivery and vocal colour are also fundamental to a good performance and having a sense of phrasing is paramount, making the difference between a capable singer and an interesting and exciting one.

Many do not have an innate musical sense for phrasing, but there are techniques we can employ to help make your performance magical. Knowing what you are singing about is of course paramount!



The Singing Works

Antwerpen, Belgium

Catrin Wyn-Davies
gsm: +32 (0) 498 97 39 61


Peter Benoitstraat 11A, 2018 Antwerpen

By car:  Close to exits from E19, E34, E17

By train:  Antwerpen Berchem or Centraal

By tram Numer 7 at Mechelsesteenweg or Number 15 via Harmonie